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MPHD Daily COVID Update for November 29


Note: The Metro Public Health Department will issue a limited daily COVID report for Sunday that will include the number of new cases and new deaths.  We will return to posting the full report again on Monday, November 30.

There have been an additional 824 cases reported in the past 24 hours. (TOTAL: 46,099). The abbreviated update is below:

Total Cases 46,099
Confirmed 45,249
Probable 850
Total Active 2,900
Total Recovered 42,831
Added Cases 824
Total Deaths 368
Confirmed 355
Probable 13
Total Tests 647,428
Negative Tests 591,622
Positive Tests 55,806
Attack Rate 8.62%


COVID-19 Deaths

There were no additional deaths reported since yesterday’s update (total: 368).