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Metropolitan Police Department Media Release


Metropolitan Police Department Media Release


Chief Steve Anderson this afternoon announced that the COVID-19 pandemic is
prompting the MNPD to implement a temporary program for alternative call response
effective with today’s evening shift in order to minimize the potential for exposure or spread
of the virus.

“Officers will be triaging non-emergency and non-violent calls for service where the
perpetrator is not present to determine whether a report can be taken via telephone instead of
in-person,” Chief Anderson said. “This program was designed to promote the health of the
men and women protecting Nashville’s public safety as well as that of our residents and

Calls fitting the criteria for alternative response triaging include:

  • Non-injury minor vehicle crashes that are not blocking a roadway where there is no
    disturbance between drivers, no driver impairment, and no vehicles that have to be
  • Lost property (wallet, purse, phone, etc.), excluding firearms or narcotics;
  • Identity theft with no physical evidence to collect;
  • Thefts from a publicly accessible space, including shoplifting, and thefts from yards,
    construction sites, public storage facilities and detached garages where the perpetrator
    is not present, the loss is less than $5,000, and there is no recoverable evidence at the
  • Thefts FROM vehicles, excluding firearms, where there is no recoverable evidence at
    the scene;
  • Vandalism or damage to property where the perpetrator is not present and the loss is
    less than $5,000.

Every caller whose report is taken by telephone will receive the incident number, the
officer’s name who took the report, how to obtain a copy of the report, and any appropriate
follow up telephone numbers for MNPD investigative components.

To aid officers in taking reports over the telephone, 235 new cellphones are being
delivered to the MNPD today and will be distributed among the eight precincts. They will be
shared by officers on each detail.

Calls not eligible for triaging under the temporary alternative response program
include those involving:

  • An ongoing or immediate threat involving bodily injury;
  • Ongoing or active criminal activity;
  • Calls where evidence collection or photographs are required;
  • Motor vehicle thefts;
  • Motor vehicle recoveries;
  • Juvenile runaways or those who escape judicial confinement.

A caller whose matter qualifies for alternative response will receive a telephone call from an MNPD officer who will inform the caller that due to the ongoing shared risk of COVID-19, a report of their incident may be able to be taken over the phone. If the call does necessitate a response to an address, the officer is likely to ask the caller to step outside to complete the interview process so that social distancing can be maintained.

Chief Anderson emphasizes that Alternative Call Response is a temporary program to help safeguard the health of both officers and the public.