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Metropolitan Beer Permit Board Responds to COVID-19


Metropolitan Beer Permit Board Responds to COVID-19

For Immediate Release

Contact: Benton McDonough (615-862-6751)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 18, 2020) – In order to protect the health and safety of our Beer Board team, as well as members of the general public, the Beer Board has initiated a remote work environment policy.  While this may create some minor inconvenience, we have implemented procedures to minimize

Contacting the Beer Board

You may continue to contact us by phone at: 615-862-6751.  You may continue to email us at the general email address:  Additionally, if you would like to schedule an initial inspection, please email our inspectors at:

Administrative –

Initial Inspections

Our inspectors will continue to conduct initial inspections.  We have made changes, however, to the procedures related to these inspections to protect the health and safety of our inspectors and the applicants.  Our inspectors will be physically present at the location but will conduct the inspection from their vehicle.  They will utilize FaceTime on iPhones or other options if the applicant possesses an Android.  Our inspectors will contact you prior to the inspection to explain the process and determine the best course of action.  You may contact our inspectors directly via email at:

Doug James –

Darrell Hardrick –

Upcoming Beer Board Meetings

As of this moment, the only meeting cancelled is our night meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th.  Assuming an applicant submits the necessary documents, we will be able to grant a temporary permit until such time as the board meets again in an official capacity.  Any hearings scheduled for that meeting will be rescheduled.  Similarly, any special events that were cancelled due to COVID-19 will not require a new application or additional fee.  We thank you for your support and ask for your patience as we navigate this process together.