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COVID-19 Briefing Metro Public Health Department of Nashville-Davidson County (MPHD) 19 August 2021


COVID-19 Briefing

Metro Public Health Department of Nashville-Davidson County (MPHD)

19 August 2021


Cases in Nashville-Davidson County continue to increase. Between July 13 and August 13, there was a 519% increase in the 7-day moving average case rate. Test positivity has nearly tripled in the same timeframe. Case rates among 18–24-year-olds are the highest of any age group in the last 30 days (1,524 per 100,000 people), which is not surprising given that 10-19 year-olds and 20-24 year-olds have the lowest and second lowest vaccination rates (35,187 and 55,017 per 100,000 people, respectively) in the county. The steady increase in the doubling rate that Nashville enjoyed has now plummeted, meaning we are adding cases very quickly and can expect total case counts to double in 237 days if current transmission rates are maintained. Deaths also continue to increase while the average age of the deceased has decreased from 73.1 years in Summer 2020 to 61.5 years so far this Summer. Anecdotally, more young people are getting sick and becoming more severely ill, and are dying more now than in previous waves.


Confirmed clusters have increased along with cases. Known clusters are occurring in a wide variety of locations and settings, indicative of the high level of community transmission occurring in the county at this time. In total, there have been 392 confirmed clusters in Davidson County so far during the pandemic. Everyone is encouraged to continue to wear masks indoors. Enclosed environments are much more conducive to transmission than outdoors or open-air places, and masking is an effective means to reduce transmission.

Community Outreach and Vaccine Updates

The Health Department continues to provide vaccinations and testing at community-based sites around the city. To date, there have been 440 events and nearly 23,000 vaccines given in these community-based locations. As of 8/18/2021, exactly 50% of Davidson County residents are fully vaccinated. A full series of an mRNA vaccine remains effective against the Delta variant, and the Health Department continues to encourage residents to get vaccinated and to complete their series.  The public will be notified of any plans for vaccination and testing events to administer boosters to wide swaths of the community.