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Keeping Nashville Safe & Healthy

Metro Nashville has developed a Roadmap for Reopening Nashville to guide the city’s residents and businesses through each phase of reopening.

For an explanation of metrics, please reference our Status of Key Metrics.

On Thursday, October 1, Nashville began Phase Three. For more information about Phase Three, visit our Phase Three Guidance and Resources page.

For full data on COVID-19 in Davidson County, please visit Metro’s COVID-19 Dashboard

If you would like to submit a request or a report a Phase Three Violation:

A Message from Mayor John Cooper

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of unprecedented challenge for all Nashvillians. But our community is stronger than the coronavirus, and we will see the other side of this crisis together.

As part of Nashville’s coordinated COVID-19 response, Metro Government and our partners have created this website to serve as a resource for residents who are seeking information about COVID-19, how to obtain direct assistance during this time, and details about our phased economic reopening plan.

The Roadmap for Reopening Nashville was created in cooperation with public health officials, business leaders, and community leaders to ensure that our community takes a measured approach in safely getting Nashvillians back to work. Our framework to restart Nashville’s economy is rooted in data, not dates, and involves four distinct phases with clear metrics for returning all of Davidson County to business as usual in stages, as well as built-in triggers to revert to earlier phases to protect public health as necessary.

While the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has been swift, learning how to live and work with the coronavirus will take time and effort as a community. We plan to proceed carefully to ensure we do not create a surge in COVID-19 cases that will reverse our hard-earned progress.

I urge everyone to visit this website regularly for the latest coronavirus information and to stay updated on Metro’s coordinated response to keep all Nashvillians healthy and reopen our economy safely.


Total Number of Cases: 34,418

Number of Cases Confirmed Today: 262

Age Range: 1 month – 103 years old

Total 34,418
Active 2,411
Deaths 302
Inactive/Recovered 31,705

Age Group (years)

Unknown 62
0-10 1,653
11-20 3,763
21-30 10,138
31-40 6,897
41-50 4,675
51-60 3,512
61-70 2,116
71-80 1,000
81+ 602
Male 16,822
Female 17,285
Unknown 311


Total number of tests conducted

Total positive/probable results

Total negative results

Positive results as percentage of total





Information is updated daily at 9:30 a.m.

Positive Tests refers to the number of confirmed and probable cases in Davidson County. Probable cases refer to those that do not test positive in a diagnostic test but might have tested positive in a different form of test like an antibody or serologic test. Probable cases also could refer to cases that were never tested but exhibited the factors consistent with a COVID-19 infection, like symptoms and close contacts of confirmed cases.